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Snake and Ladder Animated


It is an old dice board game famous in India and some other place of world it is known as " Chutes and Ladders"," Moksha pAtam ", "Vaikunthapaali" or "paramapada sopaanam". Can be played by up to four person or one player can play it with machine. This game is preferably installed on your external memory card. Frogs will move according to dice number. They can climb on ladder and go down when snake bite them. In this game Frog is used in place of player. All the snakes are having animation of hunting. Every time player rolls the dice, count will show the current dice value along with movement of frog.Features:1. Three boards 2. Option for save settings3. Human Vs Machine4. Human Vs Human5. Setting for player colour and crown 6. Animated action of frog and snake7. Countdown for current dice value